Combination - Platters

Combination #1

One chile relleno with your choice of beef, chicken or cheese and one chalupa.


Combination #10

  One enchilada and one taco served with rice and beans. 


Combination #11

Four Taquitos Mexicanos, Two chiken and two beef.


Combination #12

  Chalupa, and enchilada. 


Combination #13

  Burrito and taco. 


Combination #14

  Burrito supreme: one beef, one chicken, and chicken with lettuce and guacamole. 


Combination #15

Chilaquiles de Pollo Served with sunny side up eggs and yellow rice.


Combination #16

  Chicken Fajita served with beans and salad. 


Combination #17

  A lunch Favorite! "Speedy Gonzalez". One taco, one enchilada.
Your choice of beans or rice. 


Combination #2

  One Beef or Chicken enchilada and one burrito. 


Combination #3

Two tacos of your choice: chicken,beef or beans.


Combination #4

  Two cheddar cheese enchiladas covered with enchilada sauce and more cheese. 


Combination #5

  Quesadilla de pollo served with rice and salad. 


Combination #6

Huevos Rancheros: Two eggs sunnyside up with Mexican salsa and sour cream. Served with tortillas.


Combination #7

  One pupusa and one chicken tamale. 


Combination #8

  Two eggs and one fried plantain served with rice and beans.


Combination #9

One enchilada and one tamale served with rice and beans.